Come see us at our New Location!  Visit with the Alpacas and check out our improved Fiber Arts Studio...

Sweet Criations Alpaca Farm and Fiber Arts Studio

Jo Anne & Terry Leonard

1355 Jersey Ridge Rd, Salem, OH 44460



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Located in Salem, Ohio, we are a small farm specializing in

"hands-on" alpaca care.  We find that a "hands-on" approach,

(being able to touch your alpacas without causing fear), results

in a kinder, gentler, more relaxed animal.

Whether you're interested in breeding animals for sale, fleece 

quality or just for fun, a relaxed, cooperative animal is a definite 

plus!    Stop by and meet these "Sweet Criations". (baby alpacas

are called Crias)    "This IS the good life"

We have animals for sale and we can board others here too.  We can also process

the fleece from your animals to prepare for a show or for yarn processing.